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We believe that our primary responsibility is the happiness of the people using our products and services. Everything we do must be of high quality when meeting their needs. We must constantly strive to lower our costs in order to achieve reasonable prices. Customers' orders must be prepared on time and with the promised quality.

Discrimination is never made according to the ethnic origin and religious beliefs of our employees. They are not expected to make explanations about this issue. We respect their dignity and recognize their value. There must be a sense of security in their work. Working conditions must be clean, tidy, and safe. We must produce solutions that will help our employees fulfill their family responsibilities. Employees are encouraged to make suggestions and complaints and feel safe about this. Equal opportunities are provided for employees to advance in their careers. Managers' relations and actions with employees should be fair and ethical.

Our company aims to operate in accordance with moral and ethical values. Our employees are informed about this issue. Our employees are openly warned that they should stay away from situations such as bribery, misconduct, deceiving people, immoral trade, and tender mischief.

We are also responsible for the communities in which we live and work, and the world community. We must be good citizens who support charities that do useful things to the world, protect the environment and natural resources, support education, and pay their taxes in real terms.